Willie Bauld  Biography - Part 4


Willie retired after fifteen years, and whilst not endowed with caps galore, then at least he had his Scottish Cup, League Cup and Championship Medals to show for the years he served the only club he wanted play for. Willie was given a Testamonial Match which was played against Sheffield United, on Monday, 5th November, 1962. Due to an unfortunate  incident apparent concerning Match expenses after the game, Willie was never to set foot in Tynecastle again for some fourteen years, returning only briefly in 1976. Few opponents were known to say harsh words about  Willie, in fact he was a popular player with both friend and foe alike, and had many good friends outside Tynecastle.Bauld himself professed a great admiration for Willie McNaught whom he opposed on so many occasions when McNaught was a Raith Rovers player. He was the man who gave Bauld his hardest games, Willie Bauld's tributes to his opponents were legion, seldom, if ever did he have any complain about the attentions of the 'Cluggers' of the day whose boots probably weakened his legs considerably over the years.

Willie Bauld died on 11th March, 1977, and a very large crowd lined Gorgie Road to watch his funeral cortege pass by. Many were the thoughts about the player, and the man. The game itself is the poorer for his passing, not only the fans would miss him but many people who never saw a football match thought the world of him. A housebound old lady who's life revolved around the passing scene from her front window, counted the minutes until Willie went past on his way to training, he would look up, give her a happy wave, and a cheery smile, this made her day. Countless youngsters in hospital  whom he visited armed with toys, fruit, sweets, and books, sometimes with his colleagues in tow, they must still remember the visit of the 'King'. The pre- season training sessions at Saughton Enclosure, must have been a grind, as they are to players even yet, however Willie and his mates were always prepared to talk to the watching youngsters after training, passing on tips, and autographs.

Sadly the King is dead, and he is still missed for the gentleman that he was.

Willie Bauld - 'The King Of Hearts' 1927 - 1977

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