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The Annual Dinner

The Willie Bauld Memorial Club Dinner has become known as one of the highlights of the year, within the Edinburgh sports social scene. This is probably due to the high calibre of speakers which the Club has manged to attract over the years. These have included George McNeil, Brian McGinley, Andrew Waddell, Jim Leishman, Donald Ford,  Craigie Veitch and the late Jim Baxter.Over the last few years,the venue has moved to accomodate ever increasing numbers. How fitting that from the Silver Jubilee year of 2002 onwards, the Annual Dinner will be held in its rightful setting, within the confines of Tynecastle, where 'The King' graced the hallowed turf.

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The Willie Bauld Race Night

The Willie Bauld Race Night is the Club's major source of income for the year. The proceeds raised are used to sponsor  the Under-14 Scottish Cup for Youth Football. Individual Races can be sponsored and Horses can be bought on the night. The evening normally allows for 8-10 races , along with a prize raffle.

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